Our Portfolio Mission


Peninsula’s business model is based upon providing an independent selection within the portfolio which is in constant evolution related to demand and international trends. This freedom empowers Peninsula to be a front-runner for its market by comprehensively satisfying consumer requirements whilst exposing them to future trends.



The alcoholic beverage industry has developed dramatically over the past decade as the goliath global brands are faced with competition from small producers, some of whom are just enthusiast who through their obsession have fallen upon new ingredients, spectacular recipes, a contemporary production method or mind-blowing twists. Supporting this has come global accessibility making it feasibly and affordable to place such products on shelves on the other side of the world.


Peninsula sources and selects products that best reflect value for money, authenticity of region, varietal typicity whilstchampioning the cause of the small to medium sized producers who are greatly under represented in the other portfolios in the market.


With wine you can now affordably drink a marvelous New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc or a beautiful Malbec from Argentina. While fresh alternatives or substitutes mean you are able to treat yourself to a rare Bordeaux first growth for a special event or a replacement for Champagne such as a Cremant, Cava or Sparkling to enjoy bubbles on a daily basis.


The international giant beer and cider brands are now challenged by fantastic contemporary products which add just a little something else to enhance your standard lager or ale. For those looking for the unconventional, brewers can infuse an ale with freshly picked elderflowers or sweet orange peel, while malts can be caramelised, roast or smoked, creating entire ranges of flavour. The aforementioned so much so that any beers are now brewed to be enjoyed / paired with food, opening up the debate of whether beer is becoming more diverse than wine. Ciders meanwhile are being made from a plethora of fruit fermentations, varying dryness /sweetness, tannin, clearness / cloudiness, bitterness or added flavor for relishing zest.


In terms of spirits and liqueurs, craft gin is obviously the most popular talking point with the selection of botanicals being unending to provide that unique pallet profile, but there is also the emergence of new stimulating trends. These include the use of aperitif’s, vermouths and herbal infused wines which are light in alcohol, as people look for lower alcohol and lower calorie alternatives which can be drank every day. There is also the evolution of Whisky, so long the sole domain of Scotland now experiencing opposition from Ireland, Japan, USA and other corners of the World.


Most products are Award Winning in their own country, some of which you may have tasted or heard of before, and some will be an fabulous surprise. We hope you enjoy looking through the options and we know you will delight in any future tastings!